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Tea Mug 1 | Something About Making Plans | Home Office


A Mini Welsh Adventure: Hiking Snowdon

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On a post Pulpit-Rock high, I was feeling mega keen to get my hiking boots out for another spin, and being so close to North Wales after our recent move to Manchester, I was committed to Snowdon for our next mini-adventure. Hey, look at me eh? Dog, an actual mortgage and choosing to ramble about National Parks on a weekend, for fun? It may well be that I can qualify myself as a fully fledged adult. Fetch me my pension book.

Considering Wales and England cosy right up to each other with a solid land border, it can be shameful to admit that I’ve seen more of a country five hours flight time away than our Welsh neighbours across the (sheep) field. Actually, I have been before, once, but I wasn’t sure if it was fair to tick a country off my bucket list if I’d merely driven twenty minutes…

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