Benevolent or Convenient?

Are the Gods benevolent or convenient? Mankind has a long history of romancing that question. We spend our young, adolesecent and formative years believing in a higher power on some invisible ethereal plain of existence. It shapes our views of the world, our morals, values, and even what to think in some instances. As we … Continue reading Benevolent or Convenient?


Life or Death | Does Compromise Exist?

What am I giving up by giving up? What is my benefit? Is there any benefit at all? What will I gain, if anything? "We're going to separate again, aren't we?" "Why does it feel like I'm going to lpse you again?" Like a carnivorous creature gnawing at the back of my head, questions both … Continue reading Life or Death | Does Compromise Exist?

What's the point of self motivation if not for the motivation given by others? Most days it's difficult to get out of bed considering all that is storming in my mind - all the failures, all the continuous pitfalls. Psyching myself up is only a fools errand because there's no point to it. It ignores … Continue reading