Photo by Drew Taylor on Unsplash

Do you?

Do you ever stop and think about how much we post online, in blogs, and other formats are just really a bunch of bullshit? It’s a bit narcissistic if you really think about. Right? We are here to post our most vulnerable thoughts because we’re conditioned to believe it’s a last resort for being heard by an unknown crowd – people you will never meet.

And the “likes” and “follows” start coming in like a slow moving tide, but you can bet your ass that over half of those random likes and follows are simply “bot” or “fake” accounts for the sake of feeding into someone else’s private blog network. It’s the practice of building links, whether quality or not, to a target site.

We’re all narcissistic in our own ways truthfully but no one will ever admit that to themselves. It’s an uncomfortable truth we, the writers of vulnerable blog posts, will unsparingly make unconscious, false outside observations – looking inward towards the mass in front of us.

You. Me. We are all narcissistic. The sooner we start admitting that to ourselves the better.

We are all conditioned to believe we need the unwavering approval of another whether they’re within our jurisdiction or not. There’s not much left to say on the matter.

You and I, we are just beasts of the same species. And we all want the same, precise speck.

To exist.


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