Planning for Norway

Since I was a child, I held a fairly-sized fascination for the Scandinavian culture and its counterparts. Equally so, held a fascination for my known Irish, English, and Scottish heritage. But for the last two years, as I began hiking more and more in the Arizona mountains, I came across YouTube videos and reading material, respectively, about both visiting and hiking in Norway.

As my love for the idea for traveling became stronger, so did my longing for Norway. There are many desirable places to visit and hike in Norway such as the famous Trolltunga, Jotunheimen, and the North Cape but my most desired area is Hemsedal. Every time I stare long at those mountain ranges through photographs from other daring adventurers, the more I’m drawn in – pulled in even, by some unseen force.

It’s the same emotion I feel for Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and more.


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