Jacob Thomas is a freelance content, copy, and comic writer. Rather, this guy would equivocally be classified in the modern sense of the term, “noob”. Lacking a physical Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing, Journalism or similar field, all clients are equally content with his output.

Mr. Thomas has written creative content articles and blog posts the previous five years for industries ranging from Real Estate, Construction, Legal, and more. A journeyman in Search Engine Optimization and Content Development, he is currently staffed as a Freelance Digital Marketing Specialist and Content Developer for Cornerstone Web Studio based in Portland, Oregon. Keep in mind, Mr. Thomas is often writing in his sweatpants or fashionably outdated cargo shorts at his home office in Arizona.

As a comic and graphic novel writer, presently uncredited, he has volunteered as a guest judge for annual Geekie Awards, hosted by indie phenom, Kristen Nedopak, based out of Los Angeles, California.

Jacob Thomas is immediately available for all freelance writing opportunities. Visit the Contact Me page to reach out.

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