As an independent SEO & digital marketing consultant, I wake up each day with the excitement of knowing how best I can assist a small business to grow quite possibly exponentially in a short amount of time. Well…short, like time, is irrelevant in just how fast time flies when providing positive results. I specialize in search engine optimization, content creation & marketing, and mobile search optimization.

I first learned digital marketing and (organic) search engine optimization through Phoenix SEO based in Scottsdale, Arizona four years ago. Sitting on the other side of a small work-desk, across from the President & CEO himself, Deacon Hayes, soaked up all I could about the SEO and Digital Marketing industry. Till this day, always learning and creating new modules from the SEO industry so as to stay relevant and provide updated tactics and strategies.

One of my favorite moments of each day is seeing the eyes of the clients light up as they realize their dreams of growing their business are within reach.

I am immediately available for all freelance writing opportunities. Visit the Contact Me page to reach out.


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