Trucking Along

On Friday afternoon, filing hundreds of logs, manually entering driver backlogs from this previous year, received an invitation to travel to the State of Ohio. My father, the company owner of the family logistics company, had already purchased our plane tickets, flying out Sunday morning.

I was absolutely thrilled as I haven’t traveled to Ohio or its surrounding states yet. It’s been a long time coming going on a long trip somewhere new. What excited me most is the chance to see the colonial homes still standing and in use since the 18th Century.

The purpose of this trip is picking up a Kenworth Icon rig in Dayton, pick up a flatbed trailer in Indiana, and find a few payloads for the way back home.

Always love to travel and see new areas. Again, it’s been too long since been able to travel outside my home state. I suppose you would consider this a “working vacation”.

We met with our contact for the truck at the airport and graciously offered a ride; we drove an hour from the Dayton International Airport to quaint and serene farm land. On the way, we passed many beautiful colonial homes with seemingly original brick fireplaces rising into quaint chimneys.

Our contact graciously offered their home to us for the night before setting out the next morning with the rig.

The next morning, awoken to breathtaking views of the colonial home resting along mid-harvest wheat fields.

Currently, we are traveling around Indiana, seeking new work, making the family business money.

I’ll catch you all later.


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